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Polyethylene compound material


Polymer materials are widely used in various industries, and polyethylene type polymer is one of the most widely used materials. The use of different pigments to increase the durability and resistance of polymer plastic materials is called compound.

Polyethylene granules

Polyethylene granule is a type of structure that exists in polymers, and it is in a way that this material reaches a liquid state when it reaches the melting point and turns into a solid state when it reaches the freezing point. Granule is used in the production of many plastic materials.

 Types of granules:

ABS polymer

ABS polymer is one of the most important and widely used polymers that is produced commercially and is divided into 2 groups, black and milky. This granule is one of the cheappest products in the market, which is widely used in the market due to its balanced thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. The main application of ABS is in the manufacture of car body parts and automotive industries. Among its other uses, the following can be mentioned: making car parts such as dashboards, car bumpers, seat belts, door covers; Telephone manufacturing, production of injection parts and irrigation industries, etc.

 PVC granule

PVC granule is one of the important divisions of polymer products, which is widely used in various industries that will be introduced later. Soft PVC granules and hard PVC granules.PVC granules are generally placed in 2 categories; Soft PVC granules, which include cable, shoe, automotive, medical equipment, hose, etc. granules, as well as hard PVC granules, which are used in the production cycle of pipes and fittings, from dry or hard PVC to produce door and window frames. Credit cards, water pipes, floor coverings, PVC sheets, etc. are used. 

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules 

Polyethylene terephthalate is the most widely used thermoplastic polymer in the world, and in the textile industry, this polymer is known as polyester.The special physical and chemical properties of PET, such as high mechanical strength, joint strength, transparency, light weight, and its safety in terms of toxicity, have caused it to be widely used in the production of photographic films, plastic bottles, and fibers. It is used in the preparation of BCF continuous fibers and industrial yarn. 

Polystyrene granules

Polystyrene granule consists of round and fine polystyrene grains that are heated to produce products. Some of the polystyrene granules available in the market are obtained from recycled materials. Currently, the polystyrene granules available in the market are divided into 3 categories: normal, resistant and expansion.Normal granules and applications of the most widely used granules can be mentioned in this category. This substance is bought and sold in the domestic market under the name of crystal. This granule is used in the production of electronics, toys, cold insulation and sports equipment.Resistant polystyrene granule and the applications of this resistant type of granule in the domestic market is known as HIPS. This model is used in the construction of refrigerators and freezers, as well as in the construction of disposable containers.Expanded polystyrene granule uses Among other types of polystyrene granule, its expansion model is known as Unolith in the market. The most important application of expanded polystyrene granules is in the production of plastic blocks, which are used as thermal and sound insulation in the construction industry. 

Polyethylene Analysis

Polyethylene Analysis
Polyethylene Analysis 2