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Polyetheylene single and double layer irrigation and water supply pipes

The usage of polyethylene pipes

1-localized under supply and iirigation systems

2-drip and sprinkler irrigation

3-sewage and drainage systems of cites

4-gatherung surface water

5-transporting chemicals and wasteges of factories

6- electrocal uasages as the use of polyethylene pipes to pass cables.


Polyethylene pipes Specifications

  • Adaptaion to various weather condiotins
  • Tolerance to temperatures to 40 degrees below zero
  • Tolerence to soil conditions while using different forces as pressing and bending forces
  • Light weigh and high flexibility of pipes which make laying pipes and doing projects fast and easy
  • Strength and durability in all the degrees of useful work temperture
  • Tolernce to shakes caused by earthquacks measuring up to 7 points on the Richter Scale.
  • Easy transportaion
  • Tolerence to ultraviolet rays
  • Tolerence to oxygen seeping
  • Tolerence to decay and erosion
  • Tolerence to differnet kind of chemicals except alkalis
  • Lasting usefully for more than 50 years
  • Having smooth and glossy internal surface which increases efficiency with working
  • The possibility of coiling pipes 100 to 200 meters in length

PE80 thickness and weight table

PE100 thickness and weight table